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Our extensive experience in training and internal communications for some of Canada’s largest companies and retailers is well-earned. Working with some clients for over half a decade we have helped to shape the conversation and teach employees new and old about processes, procedures, and how to succeed. We’re excited to continue partnering with some of our favourite clients, while adding new opportunities to flex our training muscles any way that we can.


What do you do when you need to train both associates and customers on new features? Find a way to make your content work for both! With this program we educated both groups in unique ways, dispelling myths, teaching new information, and leaving both consumer and associate with the information they need to make the right decision.

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Staples Training

As a keystone partner with Staples Learning and Development we have worked collboratively with their team for over half a decade. This deep relationship has helped us understand the unique needs of Staples staff, delivering tailored content quickly and efficiently to help them achieve their goals.

My TELUS Story

Greeting new TELUS channel associates on their first day and again through their training, these TELUS story videos offer them guidance, direction, and something to aspire to. Telling stories of successful team members who have risen to exciting positions through their career, they have been a well-received motivational tool that makes training something to look forward to.

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Speaking with confidence to the students at Seneca about issues like personal safety and security was a key part of our work with the school. We steeped ourselves in the source material, working with them to craft the message and establish an engaging look and feel that resulted in a piece that is both insightful and authentic.

Staples Print Pros

Working with Staples Print and Marketing in both Canada and the United States, we found  fun ways to educate associates on concepts, programs, and procedures.

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