With a shared passion for positive change within our community,  
Blink is proud to support our neighbours in need by donating to Goodly Foods Society  
this holiday season.

Happy Holidays,  
from the Blinkmas team 

Soup with Soul

The Blink team worked alongside the Goodly team to prepare the vegetables for their soup.

Goodly is an initiative focused on making good food from surplus natural ingredients and giving marginalized people with barriers to traditional employment good jobs in the process.

How you can support Goodly

Find Goodly in your local grocery store.

The Blink team shared hot samples at Whole Foods in Vancouver to help spread the goodness.  

A warm soup recipe from Goodly
Halibut with Goodly Tomato Soup

Goodly Foods’ philosophy is to use as close to 100% of the ingredients we receive as possible. This soup is made from perfectly wholesome and edible misfit tomatoes. They are paired with other misfit and beautiful potatoes, onions, carrots and celery. The smooth, creamy texture comes from coconut milk, popped black mustard seeds add a nutty flavour, and the soup is lightly spiced with cumin and coriander seed. 



And just like in every kitchen – the more people around the table, the merrier.

Make more merry by giving this year.