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From AR to Animatronic Robots: How Louis Vuitton is Shaping the Metaverse.

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From AR to Animatronic Robots: How Louis Vuitton is Shaping the Metaverse.

From AR to Animatronic Robots: How Louis Vuitton is Shaping the Metaverse, a bold statement of which we will explore below. Analysing the parent brand LVMHs’ approach and how this filters down to Louis Vuittons campaign strategy.

The Approach.

Products aren’t the only thing a brand should be known for. It’s the experiences the brands provide and the culture they create that will be the ultimate reason physical retail survives.

The Metaverse is the future of digital culture, and luxury fashion group LVMH is leading the way in building a foundation for what’s to come. Nelly Mensah, Head of Metaverse & Crypto for LVMH, is spearheading their global efforts to embrace web3 and the Metaverse as a means of increasing revenue and brand loyalty.

LVMH is no stranger to immersive experiences and NFTs, but they are building their fitire culture by focusing on four key pillars:

  1. Client Storytelling and Immersive Brand Experiences:
    Creating amazing experiences that blend realities and evolve consumer interaction. LVMH’s latest cross-channel, ultra-immersive, reality-escaping campaign in collaboration with Yayoi Kusama showcases this perfectly.
  2. Transparency, Traceability and Tracking for Authenticity:
    Trust is key in any business, and LVMH is ensuring that customers can trust their products in the Metaverse by harenssing the Blockchain and transparency of NFTs.
  3. Digital Twins and Personalization of Items for True Expression:
    The Metaverse is all about self-expression, and LVMH is embracing this by creating digital twins of their products that can be customized to fit each customer’s unique style.
  4. Cryptocurrency as Payments:
    As the world becomes more digital, it’s only natural that payments will too. LVMH is open to and exploring the use of cryptocurrency to make payments in both the physical and digital worlds.
3D Forced Perspective Billboard of Yayoi Kusama and Louis Vuitton in Tokyo - metaverse
3D Perspective Billboard of Yayoi Kusama in Tokyo

The Campaign.

Below we will breakdown each step within the user journey and the intended response from the audience:

Louis Vuitton AR worldwide effect - Metaverse
Louis Vuitton Snapchat AR Takeover

1.AR / Augmented Reality Brandscapes:
Using Snap AR’s latest Landmarker Lens, LV projected digital overlays of Yayoi Kusama’s famed dots onto the global iconic landmarks such as The Statue of Liberty, National Gallery, and Arc de Triomphe, creating an awe-inspiring experience that serves as a brand takeover.

User journey: A iconic brand takeover of some of the most icon places in the world, this allowed the user to experience the scale of the campaign through their device, showing a true blend of reality and hooking the users interest to continue through the campaign funnel.

2.Architectural Installations:
Massive installations of Kusama’s iconic dots were created on flagship stores in Paris and London, creating a sense of wonderment that draws in visitors from all over the world. These installations showcase the power of art and its ability to transcend boundaries and cultures.

User journey: A potent advertising technique that give users and tourists a reason to leave their home and partake in an experience that is made for sharing, a physical installation that feels out of this world and makes a memorable impression. Not only providing an experience but converting new audiences into brand advocates and ambassadors without any purchase.

3.Forced Perspective 3D Billboards:
In Tokyo, Louis Vuitton created a 3D billboard where Yayoi Kusama emerges from the famous LV trunk, breaking free from the boundaries of the frame. With her pumpkin motif and playful demeanour, Kusama interacts with the pumpkins below, bringing joy to all who see her.

User journey: An incredible segue from the massive AR and physical takeover to something life-sized but breaking the boundaries of its medium to further represent this reality blending campaign.

Yayoi Kusama robot in New York city Louis Vuitton window display - Metaverse
Yayoi animatronic robot in 5th Ave NYC

4.Animatronic Robots:
Life-sized animatronic robots of Yayoi Kusama were installed in Louis Vuitton’s New York and Paris locations, mesmerising over 90 million viewers on TikTok. These robots capture the essence of Kusama’s art and leave a lasting impression on those who witness them.

User journey: An incredible surreal segue from the massive AR and physical takeover to something life-sized that evolves the medium from mannequins and digital displays to life-like animatronic robots. Gathering attention from crowds and creating more viral content through its experience. This solidifies LV as a brand with a foot in both the digital and the physical.

5.Yayoi Kusama X LV Game:
Louis Vuitton launched a Yayoi Kusama x LV game that allows users to create their own reality and immerse themselves in Kusama’s world. This game can be accessed through the app store and QR codes placed throughout the brand experiences, allowing users to express their creativity and experience the magic of Kusama’s art firsthand.

User journey: A plethora of brand experience and the ability to put their own stamp and creativity within this campaign, to interact with the brand in real-time, a entertaining reward to cmapiagn participation.

The Strategy.

Louis Vuittons innovative approach to their campaign, featuring a multi-layered strategy of interconnected initiatives, not only creates a seamless and captivating customer journey, but this reality-bending campaign successfully establishes a strong and cohesive digital culture.

Effectively engaging their target audience through immersive and unforgettable experiences to become brand ambassadors, with KPIs for brand love and awareness.

While some may still view the Metaverse as a futuristic concept, the truth is that the digital culture is already here. As platforms continue to improve and the level of immersion grows ever deeper, the potential for the Metaverse is only increasing.

By following in LVMH’s footsteps and building a strong foundation for the Metaverse, brands and businesses can ensure that they and their audience are ready for the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.

Want to learn more about The Metaverse and brand strategies for new digital landscapes, click below and lets chat.

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