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Branding Eat Beyond as an investment opportunity

Our Approach

With Eat Beyond our strategy focused on bringing all the appeal, design psychology, and tantalizing visuals of established food brands and advertising to this global investment fund.

The bold red at the heart of Eat Beyond captures the appeal of the brand. Eat Beyond is one of the new generations of global investment funds, poised to support the growth and development of existing, upcoming, and speculative new approaches to alternative protein production.

Eat Beyond has raised over $4 million since its launch and has secured high-profile hires such as Don Robinson, the former CEO of Mars Canada as its new Director. Companies within the EB portfolio have had stock rises as high as 800% and Eat Beyond is well on its way to becoming a household name in the investment world… and beyond.

From concept to fully-formed brand, Blink worked quickly, tapping into the ethos at the heart of our investment. Their natural intuition and brilliant instincts helped create a brand that was an instant hit both with investors and consumers at large. Eat Beyond has been more successful than we could have hoped, and we’re excited to continue its journey with the Blink team.”

– Patrick Morris, CEO
Eat Beyond

Thank you.

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