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EPSON Eco-Challenge

The Challenge: Making Ink Fun

The challenging world of ink jet printers has become more convoluted as fewer customers choose to own a printer and as the cost of ink continues to get a bad rap.

Epson’s new EcoTank technology makes it easy to print higher quality and has drastically cut the cost of ink. They needed to show retail employees that they had a superhero to answer customer printing challenges in a fun and exciting way.

Overcoming objections is one of the key ways that retail associates can build customer confidence that they have the right solution. Traditionally accomplished with roleplay scenarios, these videos stray into boring territory too often.

Epson needed

  • A visually striking video
  • To communicate several concepts rapidly
  • To deliver their concept in a memorable way

The Blink Solution : Cell-shaded EcoTank Heroes

We took the challenge of creating something fun and interesting for printing products and use that as inspiration.

The video was shot on a white background, capturing all of the relevant questions and answers that the client needed. These video clips were then painstakingly rotoscoped to have a cool cell-shaded look.

Blended with our script that emphasized the ways that each associate could be a hero to consumers, it created a fun comic-book feel that was right on target.

The Results – Making an Impact at Multiple Retailers

By creating a video that was brand-agnostic, Epson was able to leverage this video for training at multiple retailers across North America, including

  • Staples
  • Best Buy
  • Small independent stores

Delivering a content piece that was remarkably effective for the budget.

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