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The Unboxing of Product Packaging

Did you know...

Blink’s award-winning design goes beyond digital and social marketing, landing pages and video to brand strategy and product packaging solutions?

Packaging design is an opportunity to build brand value and communicate the key benefits and features of your product in a meaningful, memorable, and eye-catching way. 

From beauty to beer to artisan coffee creation to personal face coverings (PPE) our latest packaging uses stand-out design, creative materials, and concise copy to differentiate, educate, and excite at first sight.


Blink is thrilled to share our partnership with Taylight Brewing and the launch of our beer label! Capturing the essence of their refreshing and exciting combination of guava and lychee flavours, this is designed to jump off shelves and appeal to a new customer.


We’re so proud to share the work we’ve done with glowology. We helped our client launch a charming and exclusive spa and beauty collection with a strategy to grow the brand into its next phase, which includes a skin care collection. We helped glowlogy find its identity: inspired by organic products and centred on relaxation and personalized care, it’s the science of beautiful, encouraging a glow from the inside out. Stay tuned for the 13-product skin care launch.

For more on what we have designed for Glowology brand see our case study.

Micron Covid

Life is definitely different these days, and a new safety necessity we all have purchased is the personal mask. Blink is proud to support Canadian-made Micron Technologies. To support their product development and critical speed to market, Blink designed the Micron branding and packaging (including custom illustrations and main photo). This bold packaging will catch the attention of consumers and enable them to differentiate the product from competitors. Look for Micron Technologies in TBD stores or online at TBD.


One video, endless creative assets. As a part of the Blink solution for ESPRO’s new product launch, our team captured video and still images that powered the multi-platform campaign. Used across the Kickstarter website, PR and media announcements, trade signage, social and on the new BLOOM Pour Over Packaging.

To see the award-winning ESPRO launch project, check out our case study.

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Effective packaging strategy, sourcing, branding and design should generate visibility and consideration for your product, and even spark an emotional appeal, so the consumer searches out your brand and becomes loyal to it. If you have packaging needs, contact us. We would love to hear from you.